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PA EFNEP Conference Youth Notes

Updated for 2004

These are the inputs provided by NEAs and others at the 1997 PA EFNEP Conference in Reading PA. The names have been removed from the "good ideas" section so that curriculum committees could look at the input objectively. Recognition will be given to those with the "ideas" in an upcoming PENpage document. Thanks to all who participated.

Jan Scholl


Need book and projects for older children 14-18 year olds with short attention spans, emotional and behavioral problems and average to poor reading or comprehension. They like things that give a quick result and are not too childish. Are not attentive enough for paperwork, most games or projects that are messy. They do like food and cooking projects as long as they get to eat it.

For future conferences would love to see demos of new projects and clever ideas that inspire us and will motivate the youth.

Adventure with foods is very dull and hard for children to understand. They get bored with it very fast. We could get like a coloring book with foods for them to color and learn to recognize when they see it.


Problems with 4-H Materials:

Ideas: Food Olympics-Food Groups

I revised the 4-H score sheet for the Adventures with Foods and changed the score descriptions to suit the classroom. Can be used with Food and Fitness for Fun, also.

I have developed several games around Nutrition: My latest game is $10,000 pyramid. Last year's game is 4-H Feud. Also, food bingo goes over well and "The Price is Right" grocery game I made a couple years back and I have the Jeopardy game.

Food, fun and fitness fairs--5 stations with different nutrition activities.

Children have fun using my 4-H stamp applied to their schedule calendar sheets.

Dinner meetings for teens--use supper hour for teen club planning and discussion, etc. and have the youth plan, buy and prepare and cook the meal that they have during the meeting.

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