State Fashion Revue Rules and Regulations

Objectives of the State 4-H Fashion Revue:

4-H Members Will:

  1. Select colors and silhouettes to enhance personal coloring and body type.
  2. Coordinate and accessorize an ensemble suitable to an occassion.
  3. Acquire poise, practice good grooming, and improve posture.
  4. Recognize good fit and quality construction.
  5. Enhance personal development through modeling and stage presence.
  6. Broaden interaction with youth from across the Commonwealth.
  7. Acquire new ideas and helpful suggestions and make improvements.
  8. Sharpen written application skills.
  9. Acquaint themselves with faculty, services, and facilities of The Pennsylvania State University.

The state fashion revue experience supports the textiles science projects in Pennsylvania, however the judging emphasis is different. The focus of the state fashion revue judging is "the outfit (the ensemble) on the 4-H member." The 4-H member is judged on the choices each has made and his/her skill in selection and construction as they relate to fit and outside appearance.

The state fashion revue judging places little importance on the complexity of the garment made or the inside construction, which is evaluated during a round-up or fair such as the state farm show. There may be some differences in the fashion revue rules and regulations at the county and regional levels.


  1. Participants should be enrolled during the current year in a 4-H Clothing and Textiles (Textile Science) project. All participants must CONSTRUCT and MODEL an outfit made for themselves in their current 4-H year. The outfit constructed for Fashion Revue does not need to reflect their current Clothing and Textiles project requirements. However, the outfit judged at State Fashion Revue must be the same outfit judged at county and regional revues for the current year.
  2. Participants must be 13 years of age and not have passed their 19th birthday on January 1 of the current year.
  3. Participants must have completed a minimum of one year of 4-H membership, including the current year.
  4. Those recognized in the state honors group are eligible to participate as contestants in future State Fashion Revue contests.
  5. The Fashion Revue Contest entry forms from the regional revues must be submitted to the State 4-H Office by the required deadline date. Those eligible to attend will be determined from quotas calculated by the state 4-H office. These quotas are based on enrollment of 4-H members in the textile science projects. Judges at the regional level determine those who will be participating at the state contest. Their decision of those selected is final.

Contest Organization and Content

Participation in the program will involve one day, Wednesday, of Achievement Days, at 7:30 a.m. until the conclusion of the fashion revue that evening at 9:30 p.m. If a participant is chosen as a top 12 finalist, they will be asked to participate in publicity photographs in the recognition assembly, dressed in their outfit for pictures, the next morning.

Do not leave the contest building for any reason (other than the workshop) without permission from the contest chairs.

Clothing Classification - Participants need to be alerted that their garment should be able to be classified as follows:

In addition, all garments worn by 4-H members and the committee are subject to the state dress code. The State 4-H Fashion Revue Committee reserves the right to determine appropriate dress with regard to 4-H participants and volunteers during scheduled fashion revue activities.

Sleepwear, lounging, or swimwear are not appropriate at the state or national level. In addition, other garments because of their length, glitz, cut, or sheerness may be unacceptable. If in doubt, call the state contact person (chair or Sandra Hall) at least 10 working days in advance of the contest. Those inappropriately dressed will be asked to change (if possible), and if not, they will be unable to participate. Members may model accessories or garments made in knitting and crocheting projects. The rules apply to these items as well. Also, members must be able to dress themselves. No family, friends, or other well-wishers in the dressing room!

State Fashion Show

The State Fashion Revue participants will present a fashion show on Wednesday evening. Parents, leaders, and 4-H'ers are welcome to attend. (Guests may not attend the judging or workshops during the day.)  4-H members who are judged during the day must be present for the evening show.


Professional judging (3 judges) will be used to determine the State Fashion Revue "Honors Group." Participants will be judged on construction, fit, and modeling ability. A total of twelve (12) will be selected based on the judges' decisions. Three finalists will also be selected and recognized. Bonus points will be given to members who complete their forms correctly. Points will be deducted from the participant's score sheet if the application is late and/or incomplete.


The state fashion revue reserves the right to change your narrations.   Unless there is a glaring error, the narration will stand as read.


The State Fashion Revue Honors Group will be recognized as part of the Fashion Show presentation and at the Recognition Assembly during the Penn State 4-H Week. Ribbon awards will be presented after the fashion revue and medals at the recognition assembly to the top 12 finalists.

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